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sell their beer they brew? for profit? i was just wondering what you would need to do that either to brew on site or what

Short version: you need a liquor license (for a bar) or a production license (for a brewery), or both, depending on the state. You also need a separate space for brewing (i.e. it can't be in your home anywhere I'm aware of, and it may need to be zoned commercial). And of course you have to pay the appropriate taxes at the federal level, and license/label each beer with TTB.

It isn't impossible to do, but it's complicated, enough so that there are attorneys who do nothing else.


--- Quote from: dannyj621 on February 01, 2010, 07:08:02 AM ---sell their beer they brew? for profit? i was just wondering what you would need to do that either to brew on site or what

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Completely illegal without the proper licensing, and that licensing includes the beer being brewed on a premise other than your home. Basically, if you really want to make a profit on selling your beer, you need to be up around a 7bbl system. Otherwise you will never see a profit - and without the proper lic you could be seeing the inside of a jail!

There's an old saying that to make a small fortune in brewing, start with a large fortune.

I agree with brewboy, don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done... it also depends on the laws in your area. But you are looking at a lot of man hours just getting the lic. ... and you have to be approved ahead of time. The TTB has to come and inspect your brewery before you ever brew even a batch - and it takes 2-4+ months after they inspect your brewery for you to get your lic. (you will be paying rent that entire time I imagine), and as was mentioned they also have to look at all your recipes, etc. Most cities expect you to have a floor drain and a place at the street where they can pop on in any time they want to look at what you are dumping into their sewage system. You have to pay for that and it ain't cheap. On top of that, you have to spend 5000 up front for your brewers bond (I think that's what it is called, part of your lic.) That's up front. The health dept is going to want to stick their nose in their as well and so does the city building inspector. Then, on top of that you are only going to make around 100 bucks per bbl... so if you have a 1 bbl system and it takes you 8 hours to brew you just made about 100 bucks. Don;t forget, there's kegging and clean up and fermentation still to be done. Of course, if you can sell the beer from your door you can make a lot more - but that depends on the laws in your area. In my area I have to go through a distributor - which sucks!!!

So, all I am saying is it is a lot more complicated than just selling your homebrew out your kitchen door. Not that you can't do that on the downlow (hypothetically, of course  ;)), still, even if you go the illegal route in the end you won't be making any money - not if you count the time it takes for your to brew a batch. Course I guess it would give you good practice for selling prison hooch....

Unless you are selling on the premises it takes upward of around a 7 bbl brewery to really make a profit ... there's a reason why I know all this...  ;)


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