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--- Quote from: coolcindy on March 29, 2012, 03:27:08 PM ---Hi - Gary just caught me up on this thread. I'll have our person take a look and try and fix.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Cindy!!  If they need someone to test it let me know.  Cheers!!!

In the research I noticed the NEW button on SMF's own discussion board operates the same way. Click NEW and it takes  you to the top of the page not the actual NEW post.

Please verify the experience is the same.

I've also found discussions on their boards where people expected it to operate a different way but did not find a solution.


It () takes me to the middle of the latest page just like the does.

This doesn't sound good if they can't fix it either.

It works fine for Denny using a different layout, so it seems the problem lies in the AHA specific mods.

There's obviously bad code somewhere, as the new button does work in IE9 in compatibility mode. Please don't make me use IE!


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