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I would like to start doing controlled temperature fermentation.  This will enable me to brew all year and it is part of some feedback that I have received from some of you on the message board here.

I am looking for input on a good refrigerator that will fit a 6-gallon bucket or 5-gallon carboy.  AND it should fit in my apartment.  So a chest cooler or full-size refrigerator is out.

It does not seem like a lot of the mini fridges out there will fit the bucket w/air-lock, but maybe some of you know of or use an appropriate sized model.

Has anyone used a wine fridge?  It seems that would eliminate the need for an additional temperature controller since you could probably achieve the desired ale and lager fermenting temperatures.

I have a sanyo 4912. My bucket fits nicely with an airlock.

I recommend going with a chest freezer or an upright freezer - usually they are cheaper than fridges. And you can lager in them. Go ahead and get one than can accommodate 10 gallon batches.

Bigger is better. At least that is what I have found. Allow room for expansion and/or multiple buckets, carboys or kegs. I have a 7.5c.f. chest freezer with a Johnson controller that can hold up to two 7.5 gallon buckets and two kegs.

I found a wine refrigerator on CL for $75 that fits a bucket or carboy nicely.   Larger than a dorm refrigerator, but still pretty compact.



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