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I am a craft brewer in Israel - and the availability of beer making supplies is very limited. I am looking for bottles and found "regular" brown and green - both in 330cc size. I was also offered a really nice pale green bootle - very pale! Almost translucent with a tinge of green. Really nice looking - and made my beer look great. I know that dark glass is considered better, but I'd really like to hear about experience with very pale bottles. And especially in sunny climates. Thanks for any advice. David

green bottles do very little to keep your beer from being lightstruck and getting skunky off flavors. this is especially the case in sunny climates, and it happens with alarming speed. [minutes rather than hours or days.]

if you're really heartset on the green bottles, make sure that you keep them in a box or some other dark place, but realistically for the sake of your beer, brown is the only way to go.

Or cans.
Microbreweries in the US are regularly canning rather than bottling.

also, do a little research into heineken. they have had terrible problems with skunked beer due to their green bottles. they tried to change to brown, but no one drank it because it didn't look / taste like heineken anymore.

cans are for sure the way to go, but they are more expensive, which is why currently only a very few craft brewers are using them. part of that i think is that beer from a can has a stigma of being cheap mass produced megaswill. so even though it is a better package, without a marketing campaign like shaun o'sullivan from 21st amendment did, its going to get passed over at the store.

I thought canning was cheaper?


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