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When you drink beer is succession, do you drink up or down in ABV and BU's?  I tend to prefer drinking down otherwise some of the finess seems to disappear(sp?).  I can't go by BU's alone or ABV alone.

For instance, when drinking Founder's, if I really want to enjoy all their beers, I drink the Breakfast Stout 60 IBU's & 8.3%abv, Dirty Bastard 50 IBU's & 8.5%, Centennial IPA 65 IBU's & 7.2% then Pale Ale 35 IBU's & 5.4% abv.  Otherwise one will overpower the other and I don't get the full flavor and aroma of the beer.  

I haven't put Red's Rye in there yet and its one of my favorites, way better than their PA which is Not one of my favorites. 

Wow, that's putting a lot of thought into your beer drinking ;D.  I pretty much go with what tastes best while I'm cooking, what goes best with dinner and then I do enjoy a Trappist ale while I do dishes.


--- Quote from: corkybstewart on February 01, 2010, 09:18:24 PM ---Wow, that's putting a lot of thought into your beer drinking . . .

--- End quote ---

 . .and a lot of beer drinking through your liver.

Never had the Founder's beers, but I can't imagine that drinking an IPA before a Pale Ale will help your tasting of the Pale Ale.  There's a much better chance that some of the more delicate flavors/aromas will go undetected from drinking the more flavorful and robust beer first, for 2 beers so close in style in and flavor.

Too much structure for me. I grab whatever feels right at the time.


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