Author Topic: Looking for some input please  (Read 3408 times)

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Re: Looking for some input please
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I am with you Tom.  I would reverse the malt and use 6 lbs of 2 row and 4 lbs of wheat or rye malt some nice Kolsch yeast, a little Mt Hood at 60 min and a little more at 10 or 15 and have a nice American Wheat or Rye.  Having one right now, tastes great.
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Re: Looking for some input please
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I'm actually with both of you. I just wanted some input as my neighbor and his wife really like these types of beer and they're great folks so I figured I'd try to put something together based on what I know and the recipe he found and make it aswarm so they enjoy it, after all, he is buying all the ingredients.

Thanks for the input, I'm curious to taste how it turns out.

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