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So simple but so nice

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I bought this jacking table at harbor freight.

With the use of a hydraulic jack it raises my Mash Tun high enough to Vourloff comfortably

Then lowers to the perfect hieght to run off into my kettle

This thing is truly a back saver :)

I use the hand truck in the back ground to transport my fermenter to my basement after brewing.

Nice idea.  Definitely something to consider as I (apparently) keep getting older and weaker.

I use a furniture dolly (rectangle w/ 4 wheels) to move my boiling kettle from the patio to my deep sink area for chilling.  Saves the back and makes it so much less likely to dump 5-6 gallons of boiling water on myself.


Being a pragmatist, it seems like a piece of tubing from the mash tun to the kettle would be cheaper and easier.

Joe Sr.:
Yes, but that jacking table is cool.

Makes me wonder what the actual purpose of a jacking table would be.

They are typically used to move items that can be difficult or dangerous to move by hand.  They work well for moving heavy boxes from a shelf to another location without having to lift it.  I've used them for moving big rocks as well as computer systems around.  They are real back savers.



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