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I finally got myself a refractometer ....

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…. and have been busy on reading up on how they work. Pretty clever I must say. The ATC function, for example, is simply done by placing the scale on a bi-metal strip. This shifts the scale up and down based on the temperature of the refractometer itself.

The measurement of refractive index is based on “total internal reflection”. Depending on the refractive index of the test solution you are either looking at the blue background of the prism (total internal reflection) or through the sample and lid at the light source. The refractive index changes at what angles that happens and that’s why you are seeing a transition from white to blue. That also allows a very simple design.

Well it's about time Kai.  ;D

You're going to love this tool. I promise.  ;)

It really is about time you got scientific about brewing!  ;)


--- Quote from: bluesman on February 02, 2010, 04:28:48 PM ---Well it's about time Kai.  ;D

You're going to love this tool. I promise.  ;)

--- End quote ---

+1 It is nice tool to have around.
It makes gravity reading much easier.

Sorry for my stupidity! But what's a refractometer?  I have been looking for a digital hydrometer - would that be similar to a refractometer. Please could you post a link where I could see one - and maybe, buy.
Thanks David


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