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Anybody Fish?

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Does anybody breath?   ;)

Honeymoon in Kona...

The beginning of the Hawaiian obsession!


--- Quote from: weazletoe on April 11, 2012, 07:02:20 PM ---Nineteen pound steel head I caught in the Clearwater, in Orifino, ID. Best man trip I ever been on.

--- End quote ---
So no catch and release huh?
Nice fish Weaze.  You should come up to Canada.  I've got a couple good friends who guide for steelies on the great lakes tributaries.  And the beer...  Oh God, the beer...

Catch and release?! Yeah, I released it onto the smoker.  ;D

If i leave now, by the time I hook up the camper, i could be in Canada in four days I think.  Give or take four. See you shortly!

Can't fish without pants.

I am a firm believer in/practitioner of fillet and release!


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