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I am a craft brewer in Israel and it's important that all my ingredients be (certified) kosher - so that my beer would be 'available' to religious Jews.
I am having a real problem sourcing Hops and Irish Moss with a recognized "kosher" certification.
Any leads??

I guess I never realized "kosher" applied to plants.  What does it take for hops to be kosher?

You're right - and you're wrong.
Plants - in nature - are of course, kosher. However, where kosher supervision would come to importance, is in the issues of preparing, say, processing the flowers, preparing hop pellets and packing.
Any suppliers for me??


--- Quote from: lonetreedavid on February 03, 2010, 12:25:44 PM ---Any suppliers for me??

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Try this link:

Puterbaugh Farms

Thanks for the explanation, lonetreedavid.  For my edification, could you explain what it is in the processing, etc. that makes them either kosher or not?


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