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Sweet Deal in Copper Tubing

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Cheap 3/8" copper tubing at  Its $40 for 50' with free shipping and no sales tax, unless you live in an unlucky state.
Wort chillers for all...

And it arrived today.  My free, 9 business day shipping actually came from a warehouse 75 miles away, so I got it overnight, for free!  Apparently I'm making that barley wine this weekend after all.  I'll post a pic of the finished chiller when I'm done.

Not a bad deal. I actually got a beter deal on mine. It was free. I built a 50'er, and that thing is A BEAST!!!  You are going to love yours. (and if you don't do it already, sir your wort opposite the flow of your coil, and your temp will drop even faster)

        not sure i'm understanding this, (stir your wort opposite of coil flow)  do you mean the liquid inside the coil, or the curvator of the copper itself. i already have whirlpool cooling using a pump. i gotta try this, mabey i going the wrong direction, i'm always looking for a better way.  

I added a 330 gph pond pump, figure I'll recirculate ice water for a faster drop.  All part of graduation from extract to all grain


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