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Agave Nectar Wheat Beer?

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I have used Blue Agave Nectar in place of a sugar in a tripel.  It resulted in one of the best beers I've ever brewed, but I didn't feel the Agave added a tremendous amount vs had I just used table sugar. 

It is highly fermentable so if you are going to use it in large amounts, keep that in mind.  Treat it like invert syrup when formulating a recipe and you should be fine.

Aloha!  Just wanted to let everyone know how the Agave Nectar Wheat Beer turned out.  After 5 days in the primary and then 7 days in the secondary I transferred it to a keg and let it set for two weeks at 70 degrees in my closet.  Then 24 hours in the fridge. After that injected 30 psi. of C02 and maintained that for 3 days.  Released the pressure and dialed it down to 7 psi then connected the tap.  From the first glass this beer turned out to be one of the best I have ever brewed.  Smooth flavor expected from a wheat beer but with a slightly sweet note on finishing.  I used 24.5 oz. of  Tajar Organic Agave Nectar in the boil for 30 minutes with White Labs WLP-351 Bavarian Weizen Yeast. I've had several friends (and a few strangers at a beer tasting) tell me that it was one of the best beers they've ever tried.  If anyone would like the full recipe just let me know and I'll be happy to post it.  Take care everyone and Aloha!

Hell yeah we want the recipe man!

Post it Brah!!

One of the better brewers in our club brews an agave blonde regularly.  Haven't had it, but I know it gets great reviews.  Congrats on a successful brew!

PS as Jamil says, "all great brewers share their recipes" :-)


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