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We had a discussion on tipping a few years back over at nb.  I'm kinda curious how peoples views on it may have changed.

Tonight, we ordered pizza from pizza-hut.  It has a 2.50 delivery charge.  2.50 cents on a 10 dollar pizza.  I told him that was his tip, as I was paying for the delivery he didnt actually do anything "extra".  I know that makes me a jackass and that he is getting screwed in the deal.  That does not change the fact that paying me 25% of the total as a fee is nothing more than them trying to get me to subsidize their lack of paying their employees.

I normally tip ok in a restaurant.  up to 20%, sometimes just a bare min or nothing if the service really really sucks. 

I'm wondering what others think of tipping, especially since we had such a heated debate with passionate viewpoints last time. 

Tip the pizza delivery person. If you want to make a statement, vote with your wallet (order from somewhere else) and contact pizzahut management and let them know. All you did was screw the lowest guy on the totem pole. You have a bright future in management  ::)

I tip delivery guys 4-5$. When we go out, at least 20%, unless the service really sucked. Even then I still leave something.

I've got two daughters that their pay is based on tips so I've heard it all, what most people don't realize is that waiters/waitresses in actual dine-in "restaurants" get paid only about $2.25 per hour and its LEGAL because its expected of customers to give tips.  With inflation, the proper amount today is 15%.  Now... the pizza delivery guy... he's still making at least minimum wage per hour, the tip which many pizza joints automatically attach to any delivered pizza is split between the store and the driver.  So... depends whether I tip the driver extra or not, if he gets there Quick... yeh... if not then No, but I still only give them about 5% now because I hate it when Any store automatically attaches a tip onto my order.  In fact if I know any "restaurant" that does it... I Will Not go there because their waiters or waitresses can be s***ty and they still get their tip.  Nuff said?  Jmo....

Believe it or not one of my daughters comped a family in Ohio over $75 to make their meal more enjoyable because they had two little kids that were crying and disturbing other customers... the people left my daughter Zilch for a tip.  Now tell my daughter or me that a pizza delivery driver needs something extra when they're At Least getting state minimum wage and they deliver within 5 miles average?  Maybe if they drive like Richard Petty or Dale Earnhardt... then yeh, otherwise their tip was already calculated in and I paid for it already.

Btw.... when I first saw the title of this thread, I thought somebody might be making a joke about cow-tipping.   :D ;D  Seriously.  If you haven't done it you gotta try it!   ;D 


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