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"New Rules of Brewing Water" - Same as the old rules?

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I know it's just an excerpt (from the introduction?) of a book, so I'll try to reserve judgement, but a couple things jumped out at me:
"2. Starch conversion in the mash works most efficiently at a mash pH of 5.1-5.5 at mash temperatures." - I'm not sure sticking you pH meter into a hot mash is really 'best practice."

It also sounds like Palmer is still in his "RA color spreadsheet" mode, but maybe I'm reading too much into that, and maybe he discusses the differences between base, crystal and roasted malts' effect on alkalinity in more depth.

Talking about 1:2 of sulfate to chloride seem really outdated too. No sane person would argue that 5ppm:10ppm will taste the same as 50:100 or 500:1000, although they all have the same ratio. IMO the absolute amounts make a bigger difference than the ratios.

Zymurgy should really have Martin write an article about brewing water for them. I think it would be a lot more enlightening.

They could just link to braukaiser  ;)

If Kai and Martin wrote a book together, I'd buy like 20 copies.

Martin and AJ DeLange are involved with reviewing the book.
The Cl to SO4 ratio for the typical Munich water reports say they should be brewing hoppy beers in Munich. The values are both in single digits, so it really does not apply so much in that case. I agree with your viewpoint on this.

John was the guess speaker at the WEB competition in Frankenmuth MI. He did talk about Kai's work determining the acidity of the various malts, and that crystal was more acidic than people thought. His example was tied to the color model in his spreadsheet, though.

I suspect John doesn't spend much time working with the kind of brewers most likely to buy his book. On "another" homebrew forum I frequent, there are threads everyday saying something like "Palmer's spreadsheet told me I need more alkalinity, so I dumped a bunch of chalk in my mash." They almost never actually need the chalk, and end up doing more harm than good.


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