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Hellow fellow AHA-ers!  I'm trying to smoke my own malt with cherry wood (a-la Briess Cherrywood Malt).  I've done a little research, but could use your input.  I have a smoker, and I'm going to put my malt in a grill basket, lined with tin foil (with holes poked all around).  I read an old Zymurgy with a graph on roasting grains.  I believe that I can smoke my grains for 15 minutes at 275 degrees without losing much enzymatic power and/or gaining color.  Will this be enough time to get a good smokey flavor?  (I want to smoke 40% of the grain for my smoked porter).  Also, will it be too much time in the smoker?  Thanks for your input.

These might help...

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--- Quote from: brewmasternpb on February 03, 2010, 07:54:31 PM ---I'm trying to smoke my own malt with cherry wood (a-la Briess Cherrywood Malt). 

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Ohh, I know.. next month's Zymurgy will have something. :)

I'd try to go as cool as possible and spritz your malt during the process so it doesn't fry
The 15 minute duration seems to be a bit short.

Our club smoked a bag of Munich malt (spread out on trays in a purpose-built smoker) and if I remember correctly, the temp was 180 and we let the grain smoke for about an hour.   

Be sure to let your grains breathe for at least a week before using

Good luck


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