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Why should I renew my subscription?

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So I'm a long time subscriber and mine expires next month. I've been thinking for a while whether or not I should renew. I do enjoy the magazine but I've grown a bit bored with it. I've noticed that every year its basically the same info rewritten usually by a new author and after this many years there's not much thats new to me. I've only come across a few articles in the last few years that I really liked. I've offered up a few ideas in the other thread and thought some of the other ideas were great but have not seen them come to fruition yet. I do use the pub discount but not all that often and being thats its only 10% its not a big deal if I lost it. I never go to AHA rallys or to the GABF. I'd like to hear some good reasons why I should renew. I'm having a hard time coming up with reasons myself. Thanks.

The only reason I am a member is to support the lobby protecting and expanding my rights.

I quit subscribing to BYO a few years ago for the same reason. Same ole, same ole. Zymurgy is getting to be like that. A few good tidbits every once in a while, but mostly what you've already heard or what you see in the forums everyday.

I understand your dilemma.

For me, Zymurgy is just an added benefit. The AHA looks to help protect and expand our rights as homebrewers. That's enough for me.

I'm not subscribing to a magazine, I am being a member of an organization that supports my hobby. There are many benefits to membership. The magazine is just one of them.


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