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Loop vs. needle?

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So, I just streaked my first plates.  Fun!   ;D

I used my inoculation loop as most sources I have read instruct.

I have an inoculation needle though as well.  In my eagerness to get going I placed an order with more beer and got their overpriced needle.  This was before I learned about cynmar.  So now I have both and I am not sure what the needle is for.

What I have read indicates that the loop is for streaking plates and slants and the needle is for stabs.  I don't understand the purpose of a stab though.  I get that you stab the inoculated needle into the agar in a slant, but what does that do?  How do you then work with this?

stab cultures tend to remain viable longer since the yeast grows inside the agar where it doesn’t have access to oxygen. I had a few cases of 12+ month old yeast where the slant culture was dead but the stab culture still had live cells which I was able to culture on a plate and then in new slants and stabs.


Okay thanks. 

How do you then access this yeast inside the agar to propagate it?


--- Quote from: enso on February 04, 2010, 10:30:08 AM ---How do you then access this yeast inside the agar to propagate it?

--- End quote ---

stab the needle in it a few times and then streak it over the plate. That's what I do and it seems to work. You don't really have to stab exacly into the hole you made first. There seems to be enough viable yeast throughout the agar.


Thank you for the info.
I also have both loop and needle but so far I used loop only.


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