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So good, yet, so bad...

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Here's my belgian blonde (only 3 days in the bottle so it isn't carbonated yet) on the left, and Leffe Blonde on the right:

I'm very happy with the clarity and color.


Dammit its suffering from some acetaldehyde (apple/cidery)...I only gave it 2 weeks at 50F after fermentation was done. I needed to get it bottled for a local competition on 5/12.  I'm keeping the bottles for competition in a room that stays warm (about 75-77) most of the day. *fingers crossed* hoping it will diminish some before Saturday.

When I re-brew this I think I will bump the fermentation temp by 2 degrees F to try to get some more of that spicy/clove phenolic out of the yeast (I pitched at 64F and slowly raised it to 68F over 7 days). Though, maybe it could be the acetaldehyde is hiding some of it? I don't know.

Nice job man! If it's acetalahyde it will probably fade in a week or so,


--- Quote from: majorvices on May 08, 2012, 02:38:34 AM ---Nice job man! If it's acetalahyde it will probably fade in a week or so,

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I really hope so. The winner of this category gets to brew it at Green Room Brewing. Our local club has a Belgian contest each year called Comp de L'abbaye Normale, which I just found out this weekend is pronouced Abby Normal...duh! Like from Young Frankenstein.  :o

Very nice clarity.

Very nice! I agree if its acetalhyde itll fade soon.

What yeast strain did you use?


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