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Thought I would take a few minutes to share the photos of the build for my new brewstand. The frame is based on the 2-tier Sabco stand in a reverse setup (left to right instead of right to left). It utilizes both gravity and a pump for liquid transfer. 2 Auber PID's regulate the HTL and MLT temperatures by opening and closing the valves on 2 Honeywell standing pilot solenoids. The control panel also features a master switch, a pump switch and a timer to help keep me on track with mash time, hop additions or whatever other time-sensitive tasks need to be accomplished on brewday. It is a low pressure gas rig with 2 BG12 style burners up top and 1 BG14 on the bottom tier.
The project was fairly quick and is a testament to hard work and open collaboration. I moved to the backwoods of Suffolk, VA and joined the brewclub BARF based out of Norfolk VA. When I realized I wanted to make a brewstand after pricing out prefabricated ones, the club was quick to offer suggestions and talent to help make it happen. Royal Damuth and Adam Shifflett were the first two to offer up their expertise. Adam was finishing up his own brewstand and had many valuable lessons to share that he had learned in building. Royal is a fantastic welder and took on the task of welding the frame together and offering up design input that was very concise and accurate. Together, we built one awesome brewstand that I use at home, which I have dubbed the Backwoods Brewery.
Enjoy these pics of the build and feel free to ask any questions or pass on suggestion that you might have. Cheers!


Nice job!

Very nice.

Great work!

FWIW on the March pump I have had much better success with mine oriented vertically with the "in" being on the bottom and the "out" being on top.


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