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Possible allergy?

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I'm hoping somebody out here can help.  A good friend of mine loves a good home crafted beer, but regardless of homebrew/commercial, quality, etc he seems to get stomach aches after just a single beer.  I did a little research and it seemed like an allergy but I've never come across this...does anybody know why he get stomach aches or how to prevent it?  Thanks!

He might want to see a doctor.....we're homebrewers!


--- Quote from: denny on February 05, 2010, 04:53:39 PM ---He might want to see a doctor.....we're homebrewers!

--- End quote ---

wont argue against that!  I was just hoping somebody here had heard something similar and help solve the painful mystery.

definitely a doctor should be consulted.  that said, could it be gluten?

Your friend is willing to let us experiment on him? Troubleshoot it like anything else. Can he do shots, can he drink GF beer, can he eat sugar cookies, does it hurt any other time after any other intake of any kind?

Ulcer, allergy(yeast, wheat, barley, gluten, alcohol), pylori, could be anything. Make the Dr. appt, and while he waits for that date do some experimenting.


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