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PItch from smack pack or slurry?

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Soon I will be brewing a Rogue Brutal Bitter clone.  I have a three or four week old jar of yeast that I saved from the yeast cake from a previous brew (pacman).  I also have an un-smacked smack pack of pacman yeast.  Which should I use?

The Professor:
I'd use the slurry, no question about it.

The slurry should work well, if your sanitation is good. Or, if you want to be sure, you can order some chlorine dioxide capsules from Northern Brewer to clean the yeast of bacteria (but not wild yeast).
I always do a 5 gallon "starter" to grow yeast for big beers.

It deepens on the beer the slurry was from. If it was lower gravity beer that was not highly hoped, the yeast is still healthy and you’re confident in your sanitation. The slurry is the way to go.   

Either way you should use a starter. 5 week old slurry very well could give you problems.


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