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SN Bigfoot - Cloudy as it Ages?

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Just cracked into some of my 2008 Bigfoot stash. Its damned near opaque - all 12 bottles or so that I have seem to be this way. what is weird is that I recall that it was rather clear when I purchased them in Feb 08, and they have been refrigerated the entire time.

Anyone noticed this 'permanent chill haze' that appears as the beer ages?

FWIW, I have been 'collecting bigfoot since '02, though I only have '06 and up left, and I've not noticed this before.

I recently had a 12 year vertical tasting of Bigfoot at our house.  I served the beers at about 50 degrees, there was no sign of haze.

That happened to me with some '07 I tried last year.  I think I have one bottle left.  I will check it out.

How did you store them?  Just asking because I assumed mine were cloudy do to being stroed in the back of the fridge.  Or, possibility number two is that previously they used the twist off caps?

However Tfries apparently did not have that...

tfries, I'd love to hear your opinion on the worthiness of aging Bigfoot that long...

Is it possible or likely that they had started to freeze at any point. That is really strange. I just had an '08 two weeks ago and I don't recall any haze.


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