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The BEST thermometer in the World

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My thermometer died again yesterday - the second within a month!
The cheapies that I'm buying here ('cause that's all that's available) seem to attract moisture into their electronics and become totally useless very quickly.
I am looking for the best thermometer available - simple, reliable, metric scale and with a lifespan of more than 14 days (or 6 brews - whichever comes first)
Any recommendations - include please a link to on-line purchase plus "how long" you have owned your particular model.

I bought one at Wal-Mart for 12$, and it has served me well for over a year now.

Buy an inexpensive bimetal dial thermometer.  The get a certified lab thermometer to keep it calibrated.

Could you please give me some more details - model, link etc

Here's an example of the inexpensive has a nut on the back for adjusting it...

And then something like this to calibrate the first one against...

Be sure to calibrate at mash temps, around 150F.


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