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One of the biggest boons to my local class six liquor store is the recent addition of southern tier beers to our selection.  And truth be told, the more I have from this brewery, the more I like them.  I have my favorites though. 

We've got a plentiful supply lately of Oak Aged Un*earthly Imperial IPA, and I really like this stuff!  The regular Un*earthly is really good too, albeit a bit more bitey and oily on the hops. 

The iniquity black ale is pretty damn good too.  It's another one of my favorites from this brewery. 

Choklat is a rather strange one for me.  I really like it, but rating it a 4.0/5 on beer advocate made my review of it 6.5% lower than average.  It's super chocolatey, with nice roasty and a bit of lightly burnt character.  To me it's like someone pumped hershey's chocolate syrup into a beer, a lot of it, and came up with a good result!  (I love hershey's chocolate syrup, BTW, best chocolate milk there is).  Whilst being very sweet, it maintains a slight dryness on the chocolate flavor (if that makes any sense, lol). 

Their Pale Ale is simply lovely.  Simple, light, easy to drink, and flavorful.  Rates a 92 overall, 95 for style on ratebeer.  The 92 overall is amazing, given the beer is in a category that's famously rated poorly by people who rate beers (they obviously favor highly hopped IPAs and imperial stouts).  My only criticism is that pale ale isn't available in cans (at least not in my area), so you really can't take it to the lake to go fishin'. 

IPA and 2xIPA are also delicious, and regular selections of mine.

I'm not as fond of the 422 wheat, old man, Phin and Matt's, and Eurotrash pils, although these are all fine beers.  But you gotta have your favorites when there's lots of selections. 

Anyone with hopinions on southern tier, please do elaborate in great detail. 

I like most of their brews.  The Back Burner barleywine is a fave of mine as well as Oat and their IPAs.  I plan on going up there over the summer while we are in the Finger Lakes region (my old stomping grounds).

Pumpking is, seriously, my favorite category 21 beer.

Al, You seriously need to try to get Ft. Lewis as your next duty station. The class six has a microbrew room, not to mention being within 200 miles of somewhere around 400 breweries.

But, regarding southern tier. I like all of the regular beer I have had from them. However, once they start going off the beaten path, it gets too sweet and usually not drinkable.

Never had a bad beer from Southern Tier.  Their pilsner is one of my current favs, but their 2X IPA is probably my all time favorite from them.  That or their Amber.  I usually try to pick up some whenever I see it on the shelves. 


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