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Let's talk southern tier

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The proper way to have Choklat is to order a German Hefeweizen and have the Southern Tier in one hand and the Hefe in the other and then switch from side to side. Yes indeed!

Creme Brulee = gag me with a spoon

Most of their hoppy stuff is good, but I'll grab a green flash or firestone walker over them most of the time.  A lot of their beers are "big" in a way that I don't enjoy as much as I used to.

I only had one eurotrash but I remember liking it.


--- Quote from: narvin on May 25, 2012, 02:09:30 PM ---Creme Brulee = gag me with a spoon

--- End quote ---

LOL, it's a bit over the top on the sweetness, that's for sure.  We had it here for a few weeks till it sold out.  I rather liked it,  but agree that it was somewhat like drinking beer flavored chocolate cream syrup.  An oddity to be tried once, but would be better served in 7oz bottles than 22oz bombers.

Sadly, or perhaps not so sadly, this is my last duty station.  However, I'd still love to get up that way and hit every one of the local breweries!  It could happen!

I haven't seen the barleywine here yet, but I'd love to try it. 

Pumpking is pretty good stuff, although I think I like Schlafly pumpkin better.   

I don't mind the Creme' Brulee.  My sister-in-law loves this stuff.   


--- Quote from: garc_mall on May 25, 2012, 10:12:01 AM ---But, regarding southern tier, once they start going off the beaten path, it gets too sweet and usually not drinkable.
--- End quote ---

my thoughts exactly.  Not a fan.


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