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Gravity Systems?


Anybody got any unique gravity systems they want to post pics of?  My son designed a cool looking contraption that would have worked but we never got around to building it.  It was a rotary type system, where three kegs were on extended arms.  Either a handcrank or speed controlled motor would drive the system, rotating like a windmill, effectively staging a keggle to the next higher position so a person could drain strike water to the MT, drain to the BK and or drain to a fermenter.  The only real problem I saw with it was it needed at least 7 feet clearance from floor to ceiling and the bottom stabilizers covered a good size footprint on the floor as you might imagine.   ;)

That sounds cool, but I think a pump would be easier in the long run - and probably safer, too.

A friend of mine has a neat idea for the Hot Liquor tank:
build a plywood platform for your HLT (his is a gott cooler), put some eye bolts in it.  Hoist it up high using rope and a pulley mounted on the ceiling.  Seems to work well and keeps the overall size of the brewstand down.

I've got a pump and plan to use it but right now I don't have power in the shed along with its too cluttered right now from the move.  Its too cold to get out and organize it anymore, or I'm just to damn lazy... not sure which really.   :D

Anyway I've been doing the no chill method since its cold here, this last batch sat for 24 hours after knockout and when I siphoned the wort out it was just above freezing.  My problem for the time being is that I have to pour the runnings from the mashtun into the brewkettle (only using one burner for now so I collect and pour) and I'm worried about HSA.  I've had one batch that had it, I could taste it after only a couple of weeks in the keg and now 6 or 7 weeks later its flat as hell yet fully carbed.   :(  I need to get my mashtun up higher but I don't want to put a lot of effort into building something temporary.... but I guess I'll have to, especially if this last batch turns cardboard/flat. 


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