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Same problem on both IE & Chrome, can't seem to register or login aside from the forum.

I get this when I click sign-in or register from this page -
Error: We could not create your new user account.

And I get the home page just refreshed when I click on the Sign-In or Register in the upper left of the site.  Nothing happens but a page refresh (redirect home)

I'm already signed into brewersassociation.

Same problem as the previous two comments.  I can log into the forum, but not the rest of the AHA site.

Me too. Anyone figure this out yet?

Error: We could not create your new user account.

See if this helps....if not I'll see if I can get the AHA IT staff to look into it tomorrow.

When you create a user account for it also generates a user account for the AHA Forum.  However, the password does not also populate.  So username exists for the AHA Forum, just not yet with an associated password.  The user needs to use the ‘forgot password’ link at login to set it now:

If someone is registering on the AHA Forum that will not give him access. It should reboot him to register via the AHA website.

I have a login and have accessed members only material previously.  The issue is that I never even get an opportunity to log in. When I try to select eZymergy, I get "Oops...
You've tried to access Members Only content." page and "Have an Account?
Please login in order to access this content."  I click login and get "Error: We could not create your new user account."  I never even get as far as entering a user name. I thought it could just be my work computer but I also have the issue on my home system, Kindle Fire and iPhone.


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