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I ordered one of their 8 gallon once-used bourbon barrels. $183 including $38 shipping to Maryland.  Yikes, our club got a 53 gallon barrel thru our local micro a couple years ago for about $120.  But no one was ready to coordinate that kind of project again quite yet, so this barrel's all on me.

It arrived in one piece in spite of the barrel just being placed bare naked in an ordinary shipping box, i.e. no other packing materials, bubble wrap, etc. to protect it.  Kind of surprising.

I fashioned a rough cradle from two short pieces of 2x4 lumber and 4 triangle wedges cut from the same 2x4s.  Not knowing whether to expect leaks, the cradle & barrel are set up inside the pan from a rabbit cage.  But it has not leaked.

The barrel came with a little card that suggests rinsing and something else, maybe a sulfur stick.  Nah...I had a batch of fully fermented, hi-test Biere de Garde that was ready to go.  Our experience from our last barrel, and the advice from our micro brewer, said to just put the beer in as-is.  So after prying the wooden stopper out, I first flushed the barrel with CO2 to purge it of air (omg the aromas!), then into the barrel my Biere went.

I topped it off and stuck an airlock on it, and will start sampling in another week or so.  Happily, I have about a gallon of the original Biere to use for keeping the barrel topped off if my sampling gets a little heavy-handed.  8)


Nice!  I expect to try this beer on club night 2013 :)

NO on the sulfur stick.  Avoid that madness. Can you say ewwwwwww.

good deal and thanks for the source. Seems a little pricy but you
take what you can get when you want an oak unit.

tom, if you get a taste please post notes about your experience.

I agree that a sulfur stick sounds like a bad idea - I'm surprised they would suggest that because the vapors can explode (see Gordon Strong's "Brewing Better Beer" for details on that).

If you are going to NHC this year, you'll get a chance to try Naked City's Opacity at Pro Night .  It is an imperial stout that was aged in a Woodinville Whiskey barrel that my club collaborated on.  It really turned out great (info here 

We'll also have a few other beers aged in smaller barrels that we'll be serving both at club night and at a couple of hospitality shifts as well.


--- Quote from: tschmidlin on June 04, 2012, 06:16:56 AM ---Nice!  I expect to try this beer on club night 2013 :)

--- End quote ---

No promises that there will be any of it left by then.   ;)


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