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Getting ready to grill/smoke

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It is 3:56 am here and I am getting ready to grill a 12-pound brisket and a 10-pound pork roast.  I will keep the fire going all day.  The meat should be ready by 6pm.  If I get really ambitious, I will post pics.

Pawtucket Patriot:
Sounds awesome, Monty.  Some BBQ porn would be much appreciated!  I'm thinking of firing up my smoker tomorrow.  If I do, I'll probably smoke a whole chicken and a pork shoulder.  Mmm...

Just caught Boston Butt on sale at the grocer for 88 cents/pound. Got me an 8 pounder.

 I'm going low and slow w/mesquite. ;)

Here is the meat after five hours on the grill.  Another seven more to go....

I'm not sure if I love you, or hate you right now. I feel so confused. Hungry  for smoked meat, and confused.


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