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Any good Beer/ Places in the Washington D.C. metro area?

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I'm in the D.C. area until August 10th.  Any recomendations of good breweries, micro Pubs, beer stores, festivals, etc?  Any suggestions on good happy hours would be appreciated. I'm using the Metro as my primary sorurce of transportation.

I was craving an easy drinking beer so I bought a six pack of Guiness black lager at a local liquor store and it tasted like liquid cardboard.  I wount go to that liquor store again. 


I hear good things about MadFox in Arlington area. In DC proper I like RFD and my latest fave is Brasserie Beck (get the mussels). I haven't been there with beer on the brain in quite some time, but if no one provides a better list I can dig up and old one.

Bilbo Baggins in Olde Towne Alexandria on Queen Street.  All kinds of Belgian and microbrew beers.  King street (next block over) has a lot of good restaurants that have good beers on tap as well.

Pizza Paradisio (Dupont Circle) and Bierra Paradisio (Georgetown) for beer and pizza. We stayed near Dupont and there was a little bookstore/bar called Kamer Books/Afterwords that was pretty good.

Brasserie Beck looks like it is out of Belgium. Good beer selection. The only downside is that your wallet will be considerably lighter.

Have not been to Churchkey, but hear it is excellent.

The Churchkey is awesome. 40+ taps and 4-5 casks, even more in bottles. And they do everything in 4oz pours if you like. I had lunch there during a conference and was able to try 3 beers and still be awake for my afternoon meetings. It's a bit of a walk from the Metro, but well worth it.


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