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Black IPA Idea?

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of trying a black IPA at HopCat in Grand Rapids. I've made regular IPAs that have worked out pretty well, and I'm considering doing a darker variation. I think I'd like to end up with something that could be described as either a hoppy porter or significantly darker IPA.

I'm still an extract brewer, but let me know what you think of this idea:
- Crush & steep 6 oz Simpsons chocolate malt, 6 oz Simpsons black malt, and 1 lb Simpsons dark crystal malt for 20 minutes
- Add 5 lb unhopped, amber DME
- Add 6AAU Fuggles hops at start of 60 minute boil
- Add 4 AAU Fuggles hops after 30 minutes
- Add 8 AAU after 55 minutes
- Cool to 70 degrees, then pitch Wyeast Ringwood Ale yeast
- Dry hop - Add 4 AAU Fuggles when transferring beer into the secondary
- Let condition 3-4 weeks, prime, & bottle

Thanks for your ideas!

What you would be  making would more approximate an Imperial Stout or a Barley Wine than a Black IPA. I live in Portland, and drink a lot of Black IPA's... I would just brew your favorite IPA and add 6-8 oz of Sinamar, personally.

what is sinamar?


--- Quote from: deepsouth on February 24, 2010, 09:47:10 AM ---what is sinamar?

--- End quote ---

It's a malt coloring product extracted from Carafa malt by Weyerman...

And if you don't have access to Sinamar, you can take crushed chocolate malt (preferably Carafa) and steep it in cold water overnight. The soak ratio is quite intense. You want it to be like a super gritty slurry.

The next day, strain the liquid out. (I use a wire mesh strainer) and voila - you basically have homemade Sinamar.


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