Author Topic: Even More Brewshed Ideas...  (Read 7937 times)

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Even More Brewshed Ideas...
« on: March 12, 2013, 04:36:15 AM »
Found more brewshed designs and thought I would pass them along...

These are from Oaktree Sheds, local place in NJ.

There are alot more at this shutterfly link. Click the view album button.

I really like the idea of having that fold-out bar top, but the shed would obviously need to be alot deeper to fit a good amount of brewing equipment in it and not be cramped.

I was inside one of their basic models today, i think it was 8x10 with 2 front windows on either side of double doors and it seemed like enough room for a brewstand, a few shelving units or cabinets and a couple chairs.

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Re: Even More Brewshed Ideas...
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