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I am considering opening a homebrew shop...I am curious to know what do you like/dislike about your local homebrew shop or online ingredients/materials supplier? Thanks.   ???

Supplies that are on hand, so I brew today rather than waiting for the mail.
Someone to bounce ideas off of/get advice from.
No shipping charges!

When business is slow and supplies get older than they should (bugs in grain, old slow yeast, etc.).
Smaller inventory, not stocking some things I might want.

Trying to get rich on whole sacks of grain.

Isnt $5 or $10 bucks enough?

One LHBS can get me a sack of Weyermann Rauchmalt for $55 + tax
Another guy is $80

Guess who gets my business?

Having a variety of ingredients and keeping it fresh would be the biggest obstacle depending on how good business gets.  That's been my problem with the few LHBS that I've visisted.

#1 rule of economics: The economy runs on price.

#2 rule of economics: If you can't gain a competitive advantage with price you must increase the customer's perceived value with service.

   I can get any brewing supplies from multiple sources and most are within a reasonable price range of each other. The little things, like going out of their way if there is a problem is what brings me back. No business has ever survived on one-time sales.    The repeat customers make it a success.

  Since a LHBS is a buy/resale operation you will have a little control over quality and price but will have 100% control over service.


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