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I know a lot of folks use Damp Rid in their keezers to absorb moisture. I also know they go through a lot of this stuff. I bought a 55 lb. pail of Silica Gel desiccant to construct some dehydrators for work and thought I might try this in my converted freezer to absorb moisture. Just pop it in the oven to regenerate when it gets saturated . . Anybody else use this? Any reason not to try? 

Sounds like a good idea.   Probably worth trying - I certainly can't think of any downsides.   And like you said, just dry out in a moderate oven when saturated.

Just be sure and "Do Not Eat"  ;D


--- Quote from: dontblake on February 09, 2010, 07:50:24 PM ---
Just be sure and "Do Not Eat"  ;D

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There you go ruinin' all my fun!  ;D

Then Silica Gel it is!

What humidity are you looking for? I know that people use kitty litter pearls for cigar humidors(unscented of course). Keeps the rel humidity at about 60 - 65% I don' t know if they can be dried in the oven but I know they are pretty cheap.


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