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NHC 2013 Hotel?

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--- Quote from: theDarkSide on February 06, 2013, 04:18:36 PM ---I received a confirmation from the housing bureau when I booked my room yesterday.  When those reservations are loaded into the hotels system, will a separate confirmation from the hotel be sent?

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I'm not sure on this but I put my marriott rewards number in and after registering I was able to see the reservation when I logged into my account on their main website


--- Quote from: bluesman on February 06, 2013, 03:19:46 AM ---Here you go:

Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown
21 N Juniper Street
Philadelphia, Pa
19107 USA

Only three blocks away from the host hotel!

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Courtyard also sold out.

I'm looking for a roommate (preferentially one with a room already booked :p).  Shoot me a message if you already have a room set up!


--- Quote from: tjk08 on February 06, 2013, 02:17:47 AM ---If anyone is looking for a hotel near the Marriott, try the Loews across the street - its close (a stumble across Market St) and they have some rooms available at reasonable rates (I found a room as cheap as the Conference hotel)- I suspect the lower rates will be unavailable soon though.

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I concur. I booked a room at the Loews through Priceline for 127 a night.

On another note, some of us are thinking about taking Amtrak from Lynchburg, Va into Philly. Appears to be only $55 round trip. My question is for people in Philly, which stop should we get off on in Philly? One is called "North Philadelphia" and the other is "30th Street". Which one is closer to the hotel? How far away is it, would we ned a cab? Thanks.

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