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Thought this would be an appropriate first post cause I am a much better cook than brewer.

They are two skills that go together really well.

I love authentic ethnic cooking.

Here is an Indian feast that we put out last night.

Anybody out there like Indian food? Ill post some recipes later.

My Iguana really loves Indian food.

SwashBuckling Drunk:
Hey Cap.  Even tough we're opposites (I'm a better brewer than cook), nice to see you here.

Almost all of our meals are ethnic in one way or another. Since I am married to an Italian and it is also my favorite food we have a lot of authentic Italian. I make a really mean Risotto. I make a lot of fresh pasta. My wife makes the best spaghetti gravy on the planet. I also cook a lot of authentic Mexican food. Peurco Guisado, re-fried beans, and mexican rice is a favorite of ours.

We live in South East Louisiana and cook a lot of local fare so I guess that is ethnic as well. I am eating Jambalaya right now. The wife makes a fantastic Shrimp Creole:

And even though I am a transplant Yankee I can boil shrimp, crawfish and crabs with the best of them here.

BTW, the wife just told me I am cooking the Mexican Pork dish tomorrow but I am going to make corn tortillas and we are going to shred the pork and eat it as a taco with home made Guacamole. We have a large Mexican population in our town so we have numerous Mexican grocery stores and I can get almost any thing I need for a Mexican feast.

Forgot to add, I make my own sausage and Boudin as well.


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