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Does anyone know what the organizers have in mind for this year's pre-conference events?


Hopefully... there's going to be some beer drinking going on!  ;D


Howdy, Jake Keeler from Northern Brewer here..

I can say for certain, NB will hosting tours of our warehouse facility all week leading up to the big weekend.  We will also be having some guest speakers, book signings, and other homebrew-centric activities at our St. Paul store, warehouse, and Milwaukee location as well (for those that can't drive the 5 hours!).  We are also in the process of planning a party for the pre-conference die-hards.  Details are still being hashed out, but I can tell you that several groups will be involved...and there will be a ton of beer.

As our plans firm up, we will post more information on our website -

And while your here, VOTE for AHA Governing committee members....not saying you have to vote for me, just vote for those you think represent your voice.  (but don't vote for Crossley, he's a wanker  ;))

We're counting down the days to NHC!  Cheers!

Here's a link for pre conference events...


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