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a couple questions from a newbie


This is my second batch of beer.  The first one went pretty smooth.  My second batch seemed like a comedy of errors.  I brewed a  witbier.  It is this witbier that I have a couple worries/questions about.  After struggling through the brewing process I put 5 gallons of wort in the fermenter and went to bed.  In the morning when I checked on it, it had started fermenting.  A 2 inch head of foam and bubbles through the blow off tube.  Well, its 10 days later and there is still a layer of foam on the wort and I have noticed any bubbles in the last 5 days and the wort has a slight greyish color in it. (the grayish color may be my imagination)  Just wondering if this is normal for a wit?  My second question: I ferment in an unheated garage in a freezer with a heater in it.  Well the heated got unplugged and this morning when I noticed it the temp was down to 40 f.  Is this going to have an adverse effect on the beer?  thanks for any help


The temp is likely your main problem.  You've put the yeast to sleep.  Get the temp back up into the low-mid 60's and rouse the yeast and you should be fine.

I probably jumped the gun on this one.  I brought the carboy inside to warm it up and it has been a little over an hour and the temp is up to 60f and I see bubbles coming up from the yeast cake.  Thanks

Might want to give the carboy a gentle swirl or two to get the yeast back up into suspension.  Glad it cooking again for you.  ;)


--- Quote ---My second batch seemed like a comedy of errors.
--- End quote ---

Been there brother. It gets better. And worse.

Belgian yeast are funny critters. I didn't brew a Wit but a Saison a while back. I pitched at 90F and let it rip with no control. A great deal of the yeast never dropped out but remained... cork-like and bobbing on the surface of the beer. The Saison was a hit.


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