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Hi there - I have not yet invested in a hydrometer and I have a Bavarian hefeweizen fermenting and want advice to know when to bottle (other than "buy a hydrometer"  ;) ). Today is day 9 of fermentation and the foam on top went away except for a few "islands", yesterday. My airlock is still bubbling about every 10-15 seconds and I can take a flashlight and see a steady stream of tiny bubbles rising up from the bottom. I plan to wait at least until day 14, but should I expect the CO2 production to stop completely? I'm told that fresh is good for this style of beer and, of course, I'm also anxious to get it bottled and carbed up. I just don't want to get impatient and bottle too soon. Thanks for the advice...........

Wait for the action in the airlock to slow down to just a couple bubbles a minute and let it sit there for a couple days.  Normally I'd say wait for it to clear somewhat as well but since its a Hefe that isn't really a good guide.  I'd say after 14 days your probably good to go with this one.

And go buy a hydrometer  ;)

Yeah a hydrometer! They are cheap!!!


--- Quote from: bruck on February 10, 2010, 11:54:40 PM ---Yeah a hydrometer! They are cheap!!!

--- End quote ---


Brewing without a hydrometer is like driving blind. Three weeks in the primary should be enough.


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