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freezer or fridge for temp control?

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I'm looking to tackle temp control next and wondering if you guys (and girls) would recommend using a fridge or a freezer.  I generally brew two 5 gallon ag batches at a time and I don't think i could fit them both in a fridge, but lowering/raising the carboys out of the freezer doesn't sound very appealing.  I have a few buckets that would make that a bit easier, but still a bit unpleasant.

or would you recommend building a fermentation chamber?


I brew with a few friends, and we are up to 3 fermentation cabinets (6, 8, and 10 carboy capacity).  We only need to keep the wort warm since we brew ales and mostly in the cooler months in the basement.  Just a basic plywood box with 1" pink foam insulation, a 110 volt thermostat and a couple light bulbs in the aluminum housings from clip on light fixtures.  Not sure what to do if you live in a warmer climate or brew lagers.

6/8/10 carboy capacity!  I'll need to remember that when swmbo or the roomates think i'm addicted to brewing.

I'm more worried about keeping the beer cold than I am about keeping it warm. 

Are you going to use it for fermentation or storing kegs?

fermentation, I have a chest freezer already for kegging.  Not pretty, just four picnic taps but it does the job for the time being. 


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