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I have grown fond of the taste of Crystal hops in my kolsch, however I can't get them pellatized from hopsdirect right now (and I need to buy them by the pound - this is for 40 gallon batches). I am trying to stay with US hops now and avoid using German hops for my kolsch - even though I like Mittlefrue and Hersbrucker very much, I enjoy using domestic hops in my beer almost exclusively now. I have used Vangaurd and Mt Hood a little - but the thing is I have only used them a little and I have kept them in the background. With my kolsch, lately, I have been making it with more hop character now.

So my question is, out of the domestic Hallertauer type cultivar found here: - what do you consider you favorite aroma/flavor hop?

I would ask if they would send you samples to test drive. That way you can compare all of them first hand.

I'm going to guess that ain't happening ... this isn't Cosco.  ;)

You could try cascade or US fuggles or Willamette. 

For beers calling for a "noble" hop like your Kolsch, I've always used Mt. Hood as the domestic equivalent.  According to Hopunion, it's an "Aroma variety with marked similarities to the German Hallertauer and Hersbrucker varieties.  Most popular hop in the triploid Hallertau breeding program, partly due to the fact it was the first one released".


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