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Sierra Nevada 30

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Ok, they're not real and out yet - that I know of, but just how badass is this whole series?

Beers brewed with: Ken Grossman, Fritz Maytag, Fred Eckhardt, Charlie P and Jack McAuliffe(?!?!?!?) in large format 750's with proceeds to various charitable foundations as directed by the participants.

This was very, very cool to see today.

Jack McAuliffe was the first small brewer in the US to start up (typing this because I don't know what you mean by the ?!?!?! ).  He has been out of the game for a long time.  New Albion brewing was one of the models back in the day, just like Anchor. 

The Professor:
HOT this looks pretty swell.
Sure will be looing forward to these!

I'm well famaliar with the legacy of Jack McAuliffe. The ?!?!? was registering surprise since he seemed to go into self-imposed hermitage after New Albion collapsed. So much so where Don Barkley, his assistant brewer who went on to Mendocino and now Napa Smith, has served as the guardian of New Albion's legacy.

The oak aged blend looks interesting.  I still have to try BigFoot.  I have my wife on a mission to find it.


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