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I am building my all grain system.  I have a 15 gallon converted keg for a kettle.  I will be doing 5 and 10 gallon batches.  I am torn at this point with which chiller to go with.  I have read Jamil's article on the Whirlpool/Immersion Chiller.  I am interested in making my own hopback and wonder if a counterflow would be a better option.  To add even more options there is the Shirron Plate Chiller.  I am curious what others have and think would be best with the 15 gallon keg and plans for a hopback (I know that a pump will also be  a necessity/benefit).  Thanks all

I think the Shirron is the best bang for the buck.

Check out this thread.

I use an immersion chiller for my 15 gallon keggle. It can be used for 5 or 10 gallon batches. I used 60 feet of 1/2" soft copper that I wrapped around a corny keg. It can be set-up for whirlpool as well. I can chill 11 gallons of wort down from 212F to 60F in about 20 minutes. It will vary depending on your water temp.

Bluesman-Thank you for that link.  I recall that thread now.  I guess the difference in my question is regarding those who use hopbacks and how they use that in conjunction with their chiller (how would that effect their purchase/selection of a chiller).

Check out this thread.

I use an immersion chiller for my 15 gallon keggle.

Sorry you mean a hopback which is a sealed chamber that is inserted in between the brewing kettle and counter-flow wort chiller. Hops are added to the chamber, the hot wort from the kettle is run through it, and then immediately cooled in the wort chiller before entering the fermentation chamber.

I don't use a hopback but I'm sure others could chime in and offer advice.


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