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For high gravity lagers, do they typically take longer to age in secondary fermenters than high gravity ales would?  I'm talking if a lager has the same terminal gravity and alcohol content as an ale at the end of primary fermentation and is ready to be racked into a secondary fermenter to sit for a while.

Also, I made a mistake of storing a 5 gallon batch of a high gravity ale in a plastic carboy (secondary fermenter) to let it sit for 6 months.  I understand there can be some exposure to oxygen over time, but would it hurt to transfer it over to a glass carboy after it's been sitting in the plastic carboy for a little over 2 months?  I don't want to spoil the beer by doing it.  Rather be safe than sorry.

What kind of plastic carboy?  You'd probably be ok if it was a Better Bottle.  Only way to tell (that I know of) is to take a sip.

Simple answer is yes they take longer to condition. Use glass (unless it the previously mention BB), keep the beer on the lees (yeast) and fill it as high as possible to reduce the head space to min. oxidation.  ;)


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