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Dutch brown ale


I've been a fan of Tilburg's dutch brown for some time, but at ten bucks a four pack it's a little expensive. That being said I'd like to come up with something similar. So, shooting from the hip, I threw this together as a starting point for perusal by those more experienced with recipe formulation than me. I'm shooting for a clean, rich malt-forward profile with dark fruit and caramel notes with a toasty edge.

(assumed 75% effic.)
8 lb. Belgian pale - 3.2L
1 lb. German Vienna - 3.8L
1 lb. German Munich - 8.3L
0.5 lb. Melanoidin - 32.0L
1 lb. CaraMunich - 60L
0.5 lb. Special B - 147L
0.3 lb. pale chocolate - 100L

0.5 oz styrian goldings @ 60min
0.5 oz german tradition @ 60min

Single infusion @ 154 F
OG: 1.056
IBU: 17
Color: 17 SRM
6 gallons

WLP515 - Antwerp ale

So that's what I'm thinking as a starting point. Suggestions? Criticisms? Thanks in advance


Pawtucket Patriot:
I was going to reply, but it's been so long since I've had that beer, I don't think I'd have any useful suggestions.  Maybe just brew it and see whether you're in the ballpark?


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