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Using Ice to cool wort?

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Simple question.

Besides contamination..... is there any other negative reason of adding a 10lb of ice to the 3gallon boiling wort to get it to pitching temps in under 5 minutes?

Jimmy K:
Just that it probably won't get as cool as you think. 3 gallons of water at 212F mixed with 2 gallons (16lbs) of ice at 32F would give you five gallons around 140F. Maybe a little cooler due to melting ice absorbing a lot of energy, but that's pretty high above pitching temps.  Might work well inconjuction with an icebath.

I do put it in water with some ice, but I would not call it an ice bath. My water is not very cold being in south FL. With the 10lb bag of ice, I get go from 200s to the 60s in about 5-10 minutes. I spray the unopened bag with StarSan and use a lid for the pot. I was just making sure there is not a weird chemical reaction from being too fast.

Jimmy K:
It does work? I guess my math was WAY off. I don't know any other reason not to.

I started out with Alton Browns homebrew episode and he uses ice as his top up water so I did to. If you buy bagged ice it was sent through a UV sterilizer before freezing so contamination is not much of an issue. and 2 gallons of ice will indeed chill the wort down quickly. I used to put ice in the funnel and drain the wort through it, top up the ice as it melts. worked well.

**EDIT** the internet is so cool. looks like 3 parts 200* liquid + 2 parts 32* ice results in 75* liquid


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