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Mash tun cooler deal

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52qt Xtreme cooler $25 @ Sears.
Pick up in store or it's $10 for shipping.

That's a great price! I've got a camping outlet store and they often have coolers that size for $10/ea. However, they're usually factory seconds. Great for homebrewing, not so much for family vacations & outings!  :D

Wal-Mart has the 60qt Igloo Cubes for $21 at the moment.  And they're blue.  I'm highly tempted to upgrade my 20qt mash tun...

Blue is better, no matter what the "red" crowd says.  :D


--- Quote from: theDarkSide on February 12, 2010, 09:44:54 AM ---Blue is better, no matter what the "red" crowd says.  :D

--- End quote ---
Whatever, Orange is the new Blue!   ;)


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