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Yeast for a chocolate stout?

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I've got S-04, S-05 and a smackpack of WY1272... which yeast should I use?

I typically use WLP001.  You could use Pacman yeast and make a Rogue clone.

I'd use US-05 to let all the flavors you put in there come through without interference from the yeast.

I wonder if having some esters from the S-04 or 1272 might improve the perception of chocolate. I'm just guessing though.

S-04 would work well.  It is not as estery as most liquid English yeasts, and it doesn't ferment as dry as S-05 so it might leave a little more residual sweetness and body which is appropriate IMHO for the style.  Sometimes I think that S-05 could ferment wood. ;)


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