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Do you shake kegged hefeweizen prior to dispensing?

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I'm planning to start kegging soon and am curious how to handle kegged hefeweizen since swirling the settled yeast is standard practice when serving from a bottle. Do you somehow agitate your kegged hefe prior to dispensing to get the settled yeast back into suspension? Seems like you will draw too much yeast otherwise since the keg pulls from the bottom.

Only when it starts to clear.

I try to drink it before that  ;D


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I try to drink it before that  ;D
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I heard some where that Pyramid stores their kegs  upside down, so when bars start serving them they get cloudy again. Nobody likes a cleare Heffe! ;)
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i wouldn't shake any keg. its gonna make it foamy and then eventually ruin your head retention. i think the maybe storing it upside down might be a decent idea, but a pain for serving.

i've never actually paid any attention to the cloudiness of my hefes from the keg. never noticed too much or too little yeast in suspension. it just seems to work itself out. i think really [though a yeast whisperer would have to confirm this] that the hefe yeast doesn't flocculate so really it stays in suspension fairly indefinitely. what i can say i've noticed is that my hefes taste awesome, but they definitely don't last all that long. 6 weeks and the flavors start to muddle.

How about periodically switching your gas-in disconnect to the liquid out post blow some CO2 through the long dip tube to stir the bottom? It really only applies to Ball lock unless you get a liquid disconnect and attach it to a spare gas line to to the same for pin lock...It might stir it up enough to re suspend some of the yeast and what not. All without adjusting the CO2 pressure. Just disconnect the other gas line draw a pint to allow some gas to go in?


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