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Oak Chips in a Farmhouse?

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I bought some oak chips (1 oz I think) and I was going to add them to a sour beer I'm making but I just had a thought.  What would the do in a farmhouse (WLP670) for a week?  This beer has been a problem for me (blew the airlock out over night so who knows how many fruit flies got in it) so I sort of think, why not?

I'd split the batch if I were you.  Oak half of it.  If you don't like how it turns out you can blend the non-oaked half back in.  If you do like it, then oak the other half and put them together. 

I put oak in nearly all of my beers. If you go subtle (<1/2oz per 5gallon) you can't necessarily taste the oak. You can use it to add some subtle texture/flavor in the background on most beers, without being obnoxious. Just use a light touch.

I have yet to oak anything and have it come out bad. I agree with the split batch. Then you'll know what you like.

Oak is a very common treatment for sour beers. Not big bourbon-barrel oak but more subtle. 


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